Vibrating Equipment Assists With Bulk Material Flow

Without vibrating equipment inside devices that handle certain types of bulk material, that material can clog up and not pour smoothly out of the funnel. Grain for silos and cookie dough for bakeries are just two examples of substances requiring assistance from bulk material flow specialists. The bulk systems also can manage materials such as salt, cereal, dry detergent and kitty litter. Materials in powder, flake and granular form can be particularly problematic when trying to unload through a funnel system.

Flow management of liquid is generally easier than with dry or wet solid materials such as dough. A funnel can be closed off or opened to a certain degree as liquid pours through to manage flow, but this isn’t necessarily effective with other materials. Limiting the opening can lead to the material clogging, and enlarging the opening can cause too much material to flow through all at once in clumps or floods. Particles of some types of materials stick to the sides of the hopper or other device as well as to each other.


Someone unfamiliar with these issues might consider what it’s like to work with certain kinds of bulk materials at home. Measuring out precise amounts of dry food ingredients is important for many recipes, for example, but getting that correct amount can be difficult when ingredients clump together and will not move from an opening. People can become frustrated when trying to pour out a specific amount of powdered sugar while also needing to avoid a heap of sugar falling onto the bakery item.

With such a broad range of needs for these systems, a company such as Deca Vibrator maintains a correspondingly broad range of equipment. The vibrator systems ensure an even, streamlined flow of various materials and can be set up for precise measurements.

Even when materials have a similar size and texture, they can have dramatically different processing standards. Food processing, for instance, requires adherence to safety standards that don’t apply to the processing of soap flakes. Anyone who expects a need for these devices may contact this organization for further information and to request a quote.

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